Here at attorney webdesign we provide attorneys, bar associations and law firms with top-notch web development and design. Our experience has made us experts at providing solutions through online websites for the legal industry.

By constantly updating your site’s information, your target viewer will be likely to visit your site more often. Our annual maintenance plan at Attorney Web Design ensures that your site receives the maintenance it needs during the first year. We go above and beyond by providing you an extra hours necessary for unexpected changes and updates.

A certain amount of hours are allocated to maintenance during the first twelve-months of your site being launched. Our time is evenly distributed, therefore it is not transferable from month-to-month. You are free to use your hours for updating content or adding new information such as a biography. A large amount of work is needed to change the structure of you site.

Knowing the ins and outs of the legal community, we are able to provide a full service web development system focusing on internet marketing for the legal community. A reflection of the character of your law firm is shown in the design of your website. Your firm’s needs are important to us, so our web design services allow for a variety of features, such as implementing an extranet or developing a database. Other companies may be satisfied with a custom designed site. The design put into each of these differs in the amount of time and work put into them as well as cost. Either way, it is clear what each customer is getting in their web design deal and we assure there will be no complications.

A law firm website should possess a fascinating and aesthetic design. While making a strong impact on the visitor, the site also needs to make the firm look unique and make it easy to locate experience and expertise throughout the site. With strategic thinking, our experience combines innovation and technology to create stand-out websites that develop a strong online presence for our clients and distinguish their firms from the competition.